New Listings in Gingerland! Beautiful Detach on Candy Cane Lane

Friday Dec 20th, 2019


Gingerland Real Estate & Homes for Sale! 

Featuring Candy Cane Lane: This craveable Craftsman is stately and sweet. Indulge in 4,284 square inches of decadently detailed dream home beaming with handcrafted and homemade touches. Tantalizing triangular rooflines, enticing eaves, and nutty nooks make this Candy Cane Lane home refreshingly unique.

This Colonial classic exudes perfectly proportionate curb appeal. Evenly spaced shuttered windows, delightful iced dormers, and charming chimneys are among the tasty touches that add freshly baked warmth to this formally styled 2,184-square-inch Holiday Road home.

This vibrant Victorian is ornately adorned. At 2,754 sweetly asymmetrical square inches, this beauty is brimming with eye candy, all the way up to its multifaceted rooflines covered in sugary shingles. Bursting with historic appeal, this fresh Icing Avenue listing won’t last long.


Which Gingerbread Home would you spend the Holidays in?

Looking for a perfect home (with shingles that don't melt off in the rain) call to find your perfect property! 647-408-5226

Happy Holidays! 


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