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Our inflation rate hit 3.4% in December, up from 3.1% in November

Tuesday Jan 16th, 2024


Canada’s annual inflation rate accelerates to 3.4% in Dec, cooling hopes of an early rate decrease


 🍁 Just in: Our inflation rate hit 3.4% in December, up from 3.1% in November. 📊 This increase sheds light on the economic shifts influencing our daily lives.

What does a 3.4% inflation rate mean for us? 🤔 It implies a general rise in the cost of goods and services, impacting our budgets and spending habits. From groceries to gas, these changes have a ripple effect on our wallets. It also dashes hopes that the BoC would shift into rate cut mode early this year 💸💼

Let's discuss how we're adapting to these economic shifts! How are you navigating the changing landscape? Share your insights and strategies below! 👇🗣️



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