Michael Kelly Bank of Canada Rate Release Dates 2024

Bank of Canada Rate Announcement Dates For 2024

Wednesday Jan 03rd, 2024


Bank of Canada Rate Announcement Dates For 2024


🏦💼 Attention, everyone! 📢 The Bank of Canada's Interest Rate Announcement Schedule is here, and it's crucial info for us all! 🇨🇦💰

📅 Mark your calendars! The Bank of Canada will be making important interest rate announcements on the following dates:

📌 January 24th
📌 March 6th
📌 April 10th
📌 June 5th
📌 July 24th
📌 September 4th
📌 October 23rd
📌 December 11th

💼 Wondering how this affects you? 🤔 Here's the lowdown:

✅ Borrowing Costs: Changes in interest rates can impact the cost of loans and mortgages. Stay informed if you're planning a major purchase or considering refinancing.

✅ Savings & Investments: Interest rates influence savings account returns and investment yields. Keep an eye out for potential adjustments to your financial strategy.

✅ Economic Indicators: The Bank's decisions reflect economic conditions. Stay tuned to understand the broader economic landscape.

For a complete break down how this may effect you, please reach out to my amazing friends Nicole @mortgageease and Jacqueline @jacquelinefinancialadvisor

Knowledge is power! 🚀 Stay informed, stay financially savvy! 💪

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